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At Capital Soundproofing, we understand that the benefits of proper soundproofing shouldn’t be overlooked – particularly recording studio soundproofing in and around London. Whether you want to record a fully instrumental track, are a producer working with a number of artists, or are looking to set up a recording studio at home. You can call upon the experts to install proper recording studio soundproofing that will give you the space to create as much noise as you need to without worrying that you’re disturbing those in the properties around you.

We are proud to be recognised as one of the UK’s top soundproofing experts and we come highly recommended for our standards of workmanship, fantastic communication, and our ability to create tailormade recording studio soundproofing systems that are suited to your exact needs and budget. As well as recording studios, we have also installed soundproofing to new build (Part E compliant) construction and the improvement of existing properties in both occupied and fully operational job sites. With our extensive expertise, you can rest assured that with our dedication, you will end up with a bespoke and effective soundproofing system in London that is right for you.

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Our recording studio soundproofing services in London

Drawing on our many years of experience in the soundproofing industry, our specialist team are
driven to provide recording studio soundproofing solutions that you can rely on in and around London. To do this, we work closely with you and alongside architects, contractors and designers to produce a soundproofing system that will seamlessly blend into your recording studio including, but not limited to:


MuteClip® Double Plus independent wall (Airborne: 72dB)
MuteClip® Double system (Airborne: 62 dB)
Independent wall + MuteClip® (Airborne: 52dB)
M20 Rubber Panel wall systems (Airborne: 42dB)


MuteMat® 3 Pro Timber floor system (Airborne: 58dB / Impact: 44dB)
MuteMat® OSF 750-10 Pro floor system (Airborne: 57dB / Impact: 47dB)
MuteMat® 3 Floor system (Airborne: 49dB /Impact: 46dB)


Single MuteClip® system (Airborne: 50dB / Impact: 58dB)
Independent ceiling + MuteClip® system (Airborne: 54dB / Impact: 53dB)
Iso hanger ceiling systems + MuteClip® system (Airborne: 51dB / Impact: 50dB)
MuteClip® Double Plus system (Airborne: 62dB / Impact: 42dB)

We will beat any quote

If you’re looking for a professional room soundproofing specialist, then look no further than Capital Soundproofing. We can’t wait to hear from you!

    If you’re looking for a leading soundproofing expert to install proper recording studio soundproofing in London, then you could have found the answer with Capital Soundproofing. Whatever the size or scale of your project, we will combine our experience with the best soundproofing systems in the industry, to guarantee excellent soundproofing results. This means that you can be safe in the knowledge that your soundproofing installation has been properly managed by an experienced team of specialists and at an affordable price.

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    We Will Beat Any Quote

    We will beat any quote for the same system from any reputable company. We know that every job is different, and our experienced team will create a bespoke quote tailored to your needs, ensuring that there are no hidden fees or surprises.

    Quality Workmanship

    We be relied upon to provide trusted solutions and quality workmanship, every time you require our services. Not only this, but we only use the best equipment and systems on the market to guarantee the durability of your project.

    Versatile Systems

    Our bespoke systems can be fully customised to your needs and can suit any space or size. They are also available in over 50 colours so you can be sure that the systems we provide are fully suited to your requirements and budget.


    All of our products are sustainable with over 90% of our products being made in the UK from 100% recycled polyester fabrics. We are also proud to say that 97% of all waste is recycled.