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High-Quality Sound Solutions in Surrey

If you need bespoke sound solutions in Surrey, you’ve found the company for you. We are Capital Soundproofing, experts in tailored sound solutions in Surrey. From protecting your home against city sounds or railways to providing respite from noisy neighbours, soundproofing is fantastic. High-quality sound solutions in Surrey can give you the peace that you deserve, or the space to create as much noise as you need to. If you need sound solutions in Surrey, contact us today.

What is soundproofing?

Our sound solutions in Surrey are designed to isolate sound in a property by blocking external noise from entering and keeping internal noises from escaping. Our sound solutions in Surrey are made from insulative materials such as wall covers, acoustic matting and specialist flooring. This variety means that they can be used on domestic properties, as well as larger-scale industrial and commercial buildings. Whilst it’s impossible to isolate 100% of sound waves, achieving a significant reduction in noise pollution is absolutely feasible.

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Is soundproofing a legal requirement?


Part E of the Building Regulations describes the regulations for soundproofing in new homes and conversions and is concerned primarily with walls and flooring.

Part E is split into two sections which cover England and Wales:

– E1 assesses protection needed from localised noise including adjoining buildings.

– E2 protects sound from escaping from within the home itself

These regulations are also divided into airborne sound and impact sound:

– The minimum level of airborne sound resistance is 45dB in new builds and 43dB in conversion projects.

– The minimum level of internal airborne sound resistance for walls or floors between homes is 40dB.

– The maximum level for impact sounds such as footsteps and dropped objects is 62dB in new builds and 64dB for conversion projects.

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Sound Solutions in Surrey for Walls

MuteClip® Double Plus independent wall (Airborne: 72dB)
MuteClip® Double system (Airborne: 62 dB)
Independent wall + MuteClip® (Airborne: 52dB)
M20 Rubber Panel wall systems (Airborne: 42dB)

Sound Solutions in Surrey for Floors

MuteMat® 3 Pro Timber floor system (Airborne: 58dB / Impact: 44dB)
MuteMat® OSF 750-10 Pro floor system (Airborne: 57dB / Impact: 47dB)
MuteMat® 3 Floor system (Airborne: 49dB /Impact: 46dB)

Sound Solutions in Surrey for Ceilings

Single MuteClip® system (Airborne: 50dB / Impact: 58dB)
Independent ceiling + MuteClip® system (Airborne: 54dB / Impact: 53dB)
Iso hanger ceiling systems + MuteClip® system (Airborne: 51dB / Impact: 50dB)
MuteClip® Double Plus system (Airborne: 62dB / Impact: 42dB

How much do sound solutions in Surrey cost?

As every client’s requirements differ, the cost of sound solutions in Surrey will vary. We recommend getting in touch with us for a FREE quote tailored to you.

    What are the benefits of sound solutions in Surrey?


    With our sound solutions in Surrey, you can enjoy a huge number of benefits including:

    Fully customisable to suit your requirements and budget.

    Highly rated as an ‘A’ Class absorption.

    Available in a range of over 50 colours.

    Suitable for all shapes and sizes.

    Sustainable and is made from 100% recycled polyester fabrics.

    Improves your well-being by reducing unwanted sound.

    Enhances internal acoustics.

    Boosts your levels of privacy.

    Meets soundproofing regulations for domestic homes and properties

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    Why choose us for your sound solutions in Surrey?

    We Will Beat Any Quote

    We will beat any quote for the same system from any reputable company. Our sound solutions in Surrey are tailored to every client, and we can give you a bespoke quote with no hidden fees.

    Quality Workmanship

    We provide trusted solutions and quality workmanship, every time you require our services. Not only this, but we only use the best equipment and systems on the market to guarantee the durability of your project.

    Versatile Systems

    Our sound solutions in Surrey can be fully customised to your needs and can suit any space or size. They are also available in over 50 colours so you can create a system that blends in seamlessly with your existing rooms.


    All the products we use for our sound solutions in Surrey are sustainable and over 90% are made in the UK from 100% recycled polyester fabrics. We are also proud to say that 97% of all waste is recycled.

    If you’re looking for tailored sound solutions in Surrey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a FREE quote!